Leadership Development

Leadership is a word that is in most people's vocabulary and is often used interchangeably with the word manager since most people think of managers in corporate America as leaders. There is a huge difference between a leader and manager. People listen to their managers at work because if they don't they don’t paid. A leader is someone who can move a mountain with volunteers who buy into the cause and believe in it as much as the leader. You get the idea.

A leader is someone who can influence people in a positive way and can move people to achieve goals beyond what they thought was possible. A leader empowers you to become a better person, to help you become a better version of you. If you are wondering or asking yourself if you are a leader, chances are that you are not one. Leadership means taking eye off yourself and adding value to others unconditionally. It means learning how to work with people with different personalities and helping them overcome themselves. It also means you can deliver a message without hurting someone's ego or feelings. More importantly you are willing to change yourself, get out of your comfort zone and lead yourself.


Many a times you will notice new business owners aggressively trying to sell the products to people they know without learning more about the products or using it themselves. You'll need to have an in depth knowledge of your products and their benefits not as much about the ingredients. How can you tell someone that something is good when you are not sold on it in the first place. More than leadership this shows lack on integrity. What most people don’t know is that what sells the most is your personal testimony not the contents of the product or features of the product or how cheap the product is. Easiest tip is to try not to sell what you have not used, your customers can easily see through you and can figure out that they are being sold. Trust me, nobody wants to be sold, they want to buy and there is a big difference between the two. People trust people who they know more than what they see on TV or radio. Focus on what you can do as a business owner to build that trust with your customer. Trust is like a piece of glass, it's very hard to build but is very easy to break. How do you build trust with a customer? Deliver what you say and say what you can deliver. Second, focus on quality and customer service not on profit. Treat people with respect and listen to them as to what they are looking for. If you don’t have a solution for what they are looking for, refer them to someone else that might, don’t force sell your product. If you force sell your product to a customer, you may get the sale but that customer is never coming back. Give your customer the confidence that you will back up your product and accept returns if it doesn’t help solve their problem. As a business owner you can take advantage of that trust but you'll have to be genuine or you wont be taken seriously and you'll lose a repeat customer. You'll have a revolving door business if you cannot figure out how to get repeat customers. Customer acquisition costs are extremely high and its in your best interest to keep the customers you have. Your goal as a business owner is to have the leadership to have a vision for where your business needs to go, have a game plan for it and work tirelessly for 5 years without jumping to conclusions early and often. Leadership comes in to play when your game plan does not work out. How do you treat your employees, your customers and the people around you when things are not going your way? Do you think innovate, adjust your game plan, get up one more time or just throw in the towel? Leadership is not about the physical strength, it's about the mental strength to stand up and win against all odds. Leadership is about having a stable emotional mind and not being a yoyo because it shows in your attitude and words even if you don’t think so.


If you are someone who is stuck in your job and doesn’t know what to do to climb the ladder in corporate America, welcome to 80% of people that are in the same shoes as you. Most people think being technically sound is the most important thing they need to focus on. In reality that is so not true. I can tell you from you personal experience and from working with so many people around the world that work in small to large companies that your technical skill is the least important skill set when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder. Now, if you are in your early stages of your career then your professional or technical skills matter a lot since that is the reason why they hired you. Number one tip my mentor gave me was to manage my manager. I know what you are thinking, how do I manage my manager. What it really means is to be able to manage your managers expectation of you. Take the time to understand what your manager wants from you and be sure to find out what does it take to move up the ladder. There is no bad time to have a conversation about your performance or job growth. Set up some time to tell your manager about what your long term ambitions are and ask for guidance on what he/she would recommend as a game plan for you. If you feel that your manager is not the right person to mentor you, you can always find someone who look up to and ask them to be your mentor at work. Work on being business savvy, find a way to learn and gain experience in areas other than what your primary skill set is. Give your 110% at work without worrying about politics or who's doing what. It's not about what you do it's about how you project what you do that matters most. Work on your communication skills, build your network of trusted co-workers who can vouch for you when needed. Show that you can take on more responsibility than your co-workers. You need a game plan that is specific to you and your circumstances.


Reading a book on leadership is not going to make you a leader. You need a real life playing ground where you can apply what you are learning and a coach can look at it give you advise on what's going right and what's going wrong so you can work your way to being a leader. We can talk more about this and your game plan when you reach out to us. If you are ready to get on that leadership journey you’ve come to the right place. 


Seth and Sue have accomplished great heights in their corporate careers and have also built large business across the globe. More importantly Seth and Sue have mentors who are leaders sitting on the board of multi-billion dollar companies and have built large multi-million dollar assets in their own business. Reach out to us and we can help you walk through that journey every step of the way.




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